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Computerized Justice is No Justice

EJI: Risk Assessments Biased Against African Americans, Study Finds

Risk Assessments Biased Against African Americans, Study Finds A report from Equal Justice Initiative examined the computer algorithms in pretrial release decisions and found that “computer algorithms that rate a defendant’s risk of future crime found they falsely labeled black defendants as future criminals at nearly twice the rate of white defendants.” A study examining…
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Are criminal risk assessment algorithms racist?

In the ongoing effort to reform our criminal justice system, are algorithms the answer…and are these self-proclaimed “validated” assessments racist? dug deeper into the issue with an article published in March of 2018  that explores that very question… To Reform Criminal Justice, Design a Racist Algorithm? ( excerpt published by – March 20…
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According to a report by Wired Magazine, leading researchers of artificial intelligence are warning on the perils of relying on algorithms and artificial intelligence in government…and we couldn’t agree more. The AI Now report calls for agencies to refrain from what it calls “black box” systems opaque to outside scrutiny. Kate Crawford, a researcher at…
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